Shocked by what love really is

The seed and the fruit

The seed and the fruit

Awareness IS love!

How novel, how amazing…

Look, the microwave beeps and tells you

the tea is ready!

What love, to witness the microwave song,

the enchanting gift of a machine beeping

its timer.

How can you not reach out and hug that


Thank you!



You want to kneel in awe.

Who knew love existed so fully in a glance,

the simplicity of seeing?

Your stomach aches.

Why in the world did you ever turn away from the aching,

not wanting it?

Awareness is love.

It turns toward the stomach ache and embraces it

just like the microwave.

Your mind judges microwaves and stomach aches and

awareness allows that, too, think of it.




It won’t push anything away, will it, not even cruelty, not even


Wherever awareness lands it shines so big,

so encompassing, so allowing!

It’s been here since baby’s breath,

here all along, at the base of us,

the reaching for tea,

the grace of a teacup giving itself to boiling water,

the steeping of a life in this

astonishing immersion.



We’re God’s sip of tea.

Drink me, whispers the tea leaves

and our heart reaches for the cup,

filled with the entire world, acrid and sweet,

your approval or disapproval.

If you want morality don’t pause here.

Will you take lemon or sugar with your tea or

do you want it simply as it is?

There is no wrong answer in awareness.  

It’s what it is.


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