Journey into Presence meditation

Joan Tollifson, a non-duality teacher, just shared some wisdom (and a marvelous link with a meditation by Rupert Spira on Facebook.)  I just listened to Spira’s meditation and found it very clear and calming and helpful.  He explains Oneness so succinctly.

If you have 20 minutes, consider listening to the mediation which starts about 54:47 minutes into his interview on Consciousness TV.

Here is what Joan said:

In response to my last post, someone commented that “for people who have some sort of mental disorder it’s very hard to have a quiet mind,” to which I would add, it’s very hard for almost everyone to have a quiet mind if we define that as a mind where thoughts no longer arise or grab our attention. If we see thoughts as a kind of enemy that we must vanquish, this in itself is a thought, and it only seems to create more and more thinking as thought battles against thought. It also creates the mirage-like picture of “me” battling “my thoughts” in order to get somewhere better “in the future.” Likewise, if thought tells us that we are failing at spiritual awakening, or we are failing at meditation, or we are unenlightened and probably never will be, these thoughts immediately trigger a response in the body. As Toni Packer used to say, the neurochemistry hums along, and soon we feel terrible—a queasy sensation in the belly perhaps, an ache in the heart, a tension in the jaw, a sense of fatigue or depression—and all of this only seems to confirm the reality of what the thoughts told us—we’re not getting it, we’re a loser, we’ve failed. 

But what if we stop fighting against our thoughts? 

Along these lines, a friend just sent me this link to a very wonderful guided meditation (or exploration) by Rupert Spira that may address this concern very well for many people. It’s also a helpful meditation for those who insist they always feel separate and encapsulated and just “don’t get” all this stuff about no separation and non-duality.

Here’s the link: — once you get there, select Advaita (select non-duality from one of the tabs to the right), then scroll down until you find the program called “Rupert Spira: The Art of Peace and Happiness.” At approximately 54:47 minutes into this, it changes from an interview of Rupert by Iain McNay to a guided meditation (or exploration) by Rupert with Eleonora Gilbert called “The Journey Into Presence”….this exploration (or guided meditation) is quite short, just over 20 minutes, I think. I recommend it.


14 thoughts on “Journey into Presence meditation

    • I thought it was really inspiring, Barbara. It cut through all the words and explained it so viscerally. Would love to know if it’s helpful to you, too. Don’t feel you have to listen to the whole interview (unless you have tons of time!) Instead, just forward ahead to the meditation.

  1. I’m so glad you posted this today, Kathy. I’m going to settle down later and listen to it. Like Barbara, I will be back to give you some feedback. Looking forward to it!

      • Oh my goodness. I cannot express how much I love this. I’m bookmarking it, too, like Barbara. The moment he said “give your thoughts total freedom,” I STOPPED thinking. And I am lacking nothing .. nothing. It’s beautiful. Thank you soooo much for sharing this divine man and experience with us, Kathy. Love you!

        • I was SO happy to read that you loved this Susan. I did, too. However, several times afterward my mind has said…what? What did he say? How do I feel this again?

          It’s like the mind can’t put it into words and wants to make a formula of it and can’t.

          Love you too!

  2. Okay — I did the meditation and thought it was fabulous. I bookmarked the page and plan to do it again. I absolutely love the way he explains that it is not ending but continuing. Allow things to be just as they appear . . . love it.

    • Barbara, I sure enjoyed it, too. Thanks also for saying you want to listen again. I think I want to listen again, too. As I just said to Susan up above: several times afterward my mind has said…what? What did he say? How do I feel this again?

      It’s like the mind can’t put it into words and wants to make a formula of it and can’t. Presence seems to be something that just puzzles the mind. 🙂

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