Does Life prefer an “enlightened” view?



I really hesitate to speak for Life itself–presumptuous, isn’t it?–but here’s my unenlightened point of view.  (A point of view can not be enlightened because it’s a point of view, right?)

Life itself LOVES dressing up and playing as humans.  It LOVES imagining itself as Diane, Michael, Betsy and Sister Sue.

It loves pretending.

It loves pretending so much that it disguises itself in three thrillion costumes and delights in what each shining light illuminates.

It loves to go unconscious, to identify, to fixate, to attach to a singular aspect of the Great All.

It loves waking up 90 years later and celebrating in the tunnel of love!

It adores appearing to forget itself temporarily.

It chortles, it giggles, it sobs, it delights, it expresses–oh how it expresses–a quadthrillion diamond facets of possibilities.

Does it prefer an “enlightened” point of view?  Heck no.  It prefers nothing.  It prefers everything.  It unconditionally accepts every puzzle piece.  It won’t throw a tiny atom of itself away in disgust.

So don’t worry about becoming “enlightened” like it’s some golden prize, some superior state.  It’s nothing of the sort.  Unless Life WANTS to wake up into Oneness through us–just continue to delight in what we are.  We’re perfect. We’re more than perfect in our imperfection.

My only unenlightened bit of advice–let’s all lighten up and enjoy the game.  It’s not so serious.



22 thoughts on “Does Life prefer an “enlightened” view?

    • You are so right, Doug. May we continue to realize the preciousness of this day, this moment. May we not stay trapped a moment longer than we so desire.

  1. lol funny that I should be listening to Ping Pong by Bassnectar just at this moment…I’ll post it, if you want me to do so…or send you a link er er lol

  2. Love this, Kathy. You said, “we’re perfect, we’re more than perfect in our imperfection.” This reminded me of a mantra I say. The reason I say it is because I woke up in the middle of the night once with it ringing in my head. I got the feeling the Universe wanted me to say it. Would you like to hear it? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. Giggle. “I am an expression of divine perfection, where in lies only good.” There you have it. Yes, we/I are the expression of Divine perfection. 🙂

    • Lori, isn’t it so interesting when we hear a phrase in the middle of the night (or day) that doesn’t seem to come from us, yet resonates so perfectly? Thank you for sharing your mantra. For years, all I would ever hear was, “Who am I?” The question would arise at the oddest times. It’s been interesting how the “answer” has changed over the years. In the early years the answer was always “mother, daughter, wife” and now the answer seems to be just full silence. Thanks for sharing your own bit of divine perfection here.

  3. I know . . . reality hit me with sort of a sucker punch when I took a science class and realized life is all a bunch of atoms and molecules coming together and coming apart in different formations. We really are dust. Some of it IS star dust but some of it is just plain dirt. And then it goes and says “now let’s go make THIS!” It is the interaction between all things life makes that causes all the drama. Next up, Kathy: why do we seem to default to drama?

    • “We are startdust, we are golden…” quietly singing that song, Barbara. Why DO we so often default to drama? I think that has to happen if we think ourselves separate from others. Our mind tries to keep our personality in place by pitting itself against others. i.e., I am like this and “they” are like that. Why do you think we so often default to drama?

  4. You have said it all so well, I know you’ve long contemplated it into a definite clarity, that there seems nothing left for me to add. Just a desire to let you know how I appreciate your skill at crafting thoughts into words so beautifully.

  5. That’s what all the spiritual teachers say: Lighten up, laugh, don’t take it all so seriously. And we can’t do that from within our contracted identities, so it’s wasted advice, LOL. But good to hear anyway!

    You said
    I really hesitate to speak for Life itself–presumptuous, isn’t it?–but here’s my unenlightened point of view. (A point of view can not be enlightened because it’s a point of view, right?)

    In a way, you CAN speak for Life itself, because what else are you?? That’s the paradox of nondual! So not presumptuous at all. When Life speaks through you as you, how can that be presumptuous? There is no YOU to be presumptuous!

    • OM, I totally believe one CAN speak for Life itself, too, because so much is true when you turn it around to the opposite view. (I have no idea who typed either of our opinions, lol.)

    • You know, Sonali, it does seem that Life just keeps turning and moving and flowing like a river. Our little explanations and thoughts and reasons can hardly keep up with flowing of the river into the next moment!

  6. So true! I just LOVED this:-) Great reminder that our very purpose, in my understanding, is to give life the opportunity to play ‘dressing up’…there is no ‘preferred’ in life’s eyes. Great post! Love and hugs, Harula xxxx

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