I’m having a bad day.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang

I’m having a bad day.

My actions do not cooperate with my ideals.

Life refuses to compromise with itself.

Life insists upon following silly desires

and petulant fears

down dead-end streets.

Snow flies in October.

Spirit whispers truths in this willing ear

yet I’m unable to comply.

Last night I saw the Secret of the Universe.

Huzzah, huzzah.

What difference when one

can’t access it?

I’m not having a good day.

The eternal optimist can’t even make this one


Words refuse to bandage any more.

Feelings molter, blubber, bleed.

Snow flies in October.

It’s all right here–closer than this whining–

more intimate than any complaining poem–

and yet it seems farther away

than springtime, than frozen tears,

than the eternal thaw for which we all yearn

on certain bad days.


8 thoughts on “I’m having a bad day.

  1. Well, if this doesn’t say it all, nothing does … an exquisite capture that breaks through and touches my own “frozen tears and petulant fears” … Thank you for this, my friend. Thank you for your profound honesty and expression. And for the perfect picture of yin yang…

  2. This is beautiful Kathy. I think it’s sometimes even harder to permit yourself a ‘bad day’ when you’re known, by yourself and others, as the eternal optimist. ‘the eternal thaw for which we all yearn’ oh that makes me melt, stunning! May your day(s) start to shine again soon…though I have a feeling they already are:-) Personally, I find writing a poem like this often helps me to shift my perspective, if not immediately, then gradually the opening created by the writing lets some rays in…love and blessings, Harula xxxxxxx

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