Nothing we can say is true.



Nothing we can say is true.

It’s only relatively true in this moment.

Because Life moves like a river–it sweeps clean, it sparkles, it tumults, it roars, it dissolves.

What is true exists outside of thought, and that’s yet another thought, so don’t believe it.

So what’s a mind to do?

Give up?  Quit thinking?

I think not.

How about allow the relative truth to arise before it falls away again?

We might utter anything–or nothing at all.

Life rises, it shines, it fusses, it giggles, it tries to resolve itself and then…the very opposite might arise in the next moment, equally true, equally false, fully itself.

It’s taken me forever to learn this.

(Equally true:  I’ve never not known this.)

What’s more important than trueness and falseness?

What supersedes (or underscores) both of those dualities?

What you are between sentences, of course.

What you are between paragraphs.

(And even that isn’t true because I see you peeking out of the words as well, you cunning creature of awareness, you amazing beauty, you flawed being, you trickster, you!)

Nothing we can say is true.

Everything is true.

Don’t try to reconcile this through thought.

We might only laugh to realize we trusted something so shifting as quicksand, so elusive as wind.


4 thoughts on “Nothing we can say is true.

  1. True that!

    If living in the Now, truth will shimmer in and out of each Now moment.

    Its true I have no clue what I want say here because my mind is elsewhere, trying to grab hold of words/truths for my own blog…

    While reading this I did get the sense of a river flowing, ever changing on it way down to it ocean …

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