Wellspring at the center



Sisters and brothers, it’s true.

A wellspring exists at the center of us.

A wellspring of love, unconditional love, encompassing love.

It’s existed before we drew our first tentative breath,

and will continue beyond death’s door.

We are love.

Love walks us, talks us, heats us steamy, freezes us cold,

takes us out to supper.

Love surrounds us when we’re injured, paupered, insurance-less,

cancer-ridden, suicide-struck,

or owe 5,000 unexpected bucks.

Love flows out unconditionally, like a river, saying yes yes yes yes yes

yes yes yes yes

to everything, nothing excluded,

even the worst thing we’ve thought about ourselves

or our elderly granny.

Even when we say no no no no,

love embraces that, too!

It’s a wellspring, brothers and sisters, so close to us

we tend to ignore it in favor of attempting

to fix our crazy selves, to make us shine la-la-la,

to try to feel good.

This sings sweeter than feeling good.

It’s love fizzing out without rejecting anything.

It adores humanity, failing, frumping.

It’s creative life, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling.

It’s the place where Mystery morphs into the

gap of this Present Moment, this indescribable now,

this new second of possibility

trampolining in our souls.


4 thoughts on “Wellspring at the center

  1. The past nine months I’ve been learning so much about love, how it continually flows, is ever-present, and says yes to everything, even the the most gruesome and greedy parts of ourselves and our loved ones… Beautiful words, Kathy… I don’t know where you find them!

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