84,000 ways to reach enlightenment

The frozen sap that we are

The frozen sap that we are

There are 84,000 ways to reach enlightenment. There will always be a path that will best suit the capacity and temperament of a practitioner. ~ His Holiness Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje

I believe your heart–your holiest of holy hearts–knows the ways you must travel to come back to yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Don’t despair. That holy heart of you will find what it needs to find…in its own sweet and perfect time.

It so very deeply loves you.  It simply will not rush you into the peace which you are.  It shall allow you to play along so many creative avenues, to linger in disguises, to dance in this shadow and that.

My darling, simply surrender to the ride, to the unknowing, to the thousands of path which ego shall travel in an attempt to save you.

But know–you cannot be saved.  You are already precious beyond saving.

Your heart sees you and sings you on.  Nothing will be lost, nothing abandoned.

You are the one for whom you seek.

Feel the clean wind from the north and dig your heels into the snow beneath your feet.


7 thoughts on “84,000 ways to reach enlightenment

  1. I love your words. I feel much more *alive* and *growing* towards that light which shines brighter & brighter…I feel I deserve better, my heart deserves peace, joy & love…thank you for reminding me that things will work if the heart is longing for good…

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