Let’s say we hear or read a spiritual teacher speak about some concept–any concept, really–and we really resonate with it.

We feel the truth of it down to our bones.

Maybe it’s not a spiritual teacher that resonates.  Maybe it’s a song, or a painting, or the words of a friend.

We know it’s the “truth; we feel it.  We “get” it.

However, by noon Friday, the energy we felt seems gone.

We can’t pull it back into a feeling of resonance.

What remains?

Thoughts about the resonance.  Thoughts about the truth.

Now we’re in a totally different territory.

We’re now in a mental map explaining reality, instead of experiencing reality.

We’ve seemingly lost the immediacy of present now-ness with its resonating truth, and our minds have often created mental images and physical sensations attempting to recreate it, remember it, memorize it, judge it, categorize it, replicate it.

Every spiritual teaching ultimately contains the poison of becoming a dead concept.

Once it’s a mental concept, watch out.  Even the most “truthful” teachings no longer assist.  They remain as zombies, walking living dead.  They live forward only as a map, a mental construct, a has-been.

I have grabbed on to so many teachings, feeling the resonance, the great ah-ha, the knowingness.

Then have watched the mind turn them into dust.  Or dangerous poetry.  Or painful knives thrusting into the heart again and again.

A third possibility is that the spiritual teaching is embraced with its resonance and then gently released in the next moment.  One lives deliciously dangerously continually leaping into the abyss of not-knowing in the next completely unknown moment.  The concept is neither embraced or rejected.  It’s experienced as an ever-open palm facing upward, allowing it all, constantly letting go.

Easy or hard to do this?  I don’t know.  Only a mental construct would dare guess.

Let go of these words immediately if you resonate or disagree.  Turn toward the next truth which arises even as the mockingbird sings our last revelation, yesterday’s resonance.



4 thoughts on “Resonance

  1. Your words resonate as clear as a bell. You have captured in language the wisp of the spiritual “ah ha” moment and gave it substance. For me anyway. I just had such an experience which lasted about 12-15 hours. And than… I had to find gratitude for that moment. How it informs who I am, now.

    Bless you!

    • Thank you, Jeff, for sharing that. 12-15 hours of “ah ha” can feel like such a gift. So often, though, my mind tries to make the experience stay. Finding gratitude with you.

  2. smacks self on forehead shouting, “Ya Goober!”–to self
    I didn’t have a word that suited my will–and maybe the truth, it’s so much more fun when I can cut me a legitimate break!

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