Here, here, here...gone

Here, here, here…gone

Warblers chatter outside window, deep in the woods.

One never sees warblers amidst summer greenery, amidst tree leaves.

Take them on faith.

Next to our bedroom, outside, grows water hemlock,

so poison.

Don’t ever drink her tea.

Don’t ever grow too comfortable with what you assume you know,

your easy everyday friends.

I’m thinking of dissolving this blog tomorrow or the next day,

an example of impermanence.

The water hemlock laughs.

Poison heals or kills.

Our best friend hovers between forever and gone.

Warblers continue to sing.

Would you, if you understood how fleeting this moment

really is?



6 thoughts on “Fleeting

  1. I know you’ll do what the heart calls you to do.If you ever do leave online communication altogether, lets keep in touch in other ways. I’ve grown accustomed to our kindred spirits.

  2. I have read your words for some time, and have said to myself and to others “oh, to be able to write like this”. You have a gift with words, much as the warbler’s song. The world is more beautiful when the birds sing, when the flowers bloom, and when you share your gift of words.
    If you determine to stop your song, the world will become much more dark.
    I hope that you do not let the dark win, nor hide your light from the rest of us. I will respect either direction you choose, and wish you peace. Life is so short.

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