Not personal

Just this.

Just this.

I don’t know about you, but when thoughts are seen as relative guidance (and not who we are) then life feels more like a river than a dam.

Thought arises and states its latest desire, complaint, judgment, shame, delight or pain.  Sometimes the thought acts as a magnet and leads the ego into story upon story, all filled with identification.

Other times it’s simply seen that thought is making up commentary.  It’s writing a play.  It’s acting in a movie.  It’s creating an imaginary dream-world complete with a heroine and a thousand cast.  We suffer with that identification.  The screen itself doesn’t suffer; it allows everything to exist.

Lately, more often, when another person makes a hurtful or challenging comment it’s not taken as personally.

A thought arises:  “Oh, look another thought!” and then it’s as if a veil lifts and it’s perceived that the comment is simply Mind expressing itself.  It may have been a thought inner mind expressed weeks ago–and now it’s reflected back from outer reality.

It’s not personal.  It doesn’t have anything to do with “me”.

Please don’t think this happens all the time.  I still find myself caught in identification with the personality, the ego.  It still sometimes tries to defend itself with inner knives and guns.

Yet–more often–there’s a sense of spaciousness, of allowing, of non-separation.

Yesterday, I read three comments on this blog post:  Endless pursuit to fix ourselves.  Each comment felt like it birthed from Self.  Each comment was me talking to myself.  Each comment was thought expressing another bit of reality.  Even those who chose not to comment felt like a reflection of my own silence, my own desire to push the “like” button or to turn away for a thousand reasons.

Was there a separate self writing and then responding to itself?  Or was it simply the flow of life communing with itself?  No inside, no outside.  No separation.  Only Oneness, in its wide diversity of everything, offering the next wave, the next thought, the next feeling.

When we don’t try to understand it’s quite simple, isn’t it?

Here.  Now.  Just THIS.


3 thoughts on “Not personal

  1. Not me, not mine is such a helpful mantra – thanks for reminding me of the peace to be found in not taking anything personally, and voting for the river instead of the damn:-) With gratitude for your wisdom, and your generosity in sharing it…hugs, H xxx

  2. Kathy,

    We are resonating today! It is not so much a thought, easy enough to become a thought a log to dam up the flow. It is a deep feeling, sense of something, and now that you mentioned the previous blog, do it need to fix it, do I need to fix myself or this situation?
    At the moment I have to drink my nice hot coffee, allow Muffin to warm my feet, allow the feeling to sit or inform me. Inform me of what to do next.


    I am Love

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