“Let everything be as it already is”

Your morning meditation, should you choose, might be:  “Let everything be as it already is“.

Do nothing.

Resist nothing.

Let everything simply be as it is.

This includes, my friend, the realization that trying to “do nothing” is a way of doing something.

Simply let it all arise.

Let your resistance arise.

Your resistance is what already is.

Allow it all to be exactly how it already is.

It’s all included.

Watch your response arise.  Your action is what is.

Nothing has ever been separate from this, has it?

Watch how your thoughts attempt to tweak what already is. How they attempt to exclude.  To divvy up.  To divide.  To separate into categories.  To reject.  To endlessly argue. To strive.

Don’t push that away, either.

Let it all arise and be what it is.

This is the most radical meditation we might choose.

What could present itself that isn’t perfectly what it is?



10 thoughts on ““Let everything be as it already is”

  1. It is lemony blueberry quinoa porridge!
    I sat and I took a bite and was deciding about it when I saw this blog. The police summoned the beaters toute suite. The grumble rumble over can’t I just enjoy my new breakfast and a scowl at the police occurred. And then I noticed a hand swishing past, handing out foil stars in shiny paper wrapping and ribbons. The air filled with paper torn assunder. It was quiet. And I smiled. I’m ignoring the word perfect as I do not like twisted ankles. I’ll probably get back to it later, as that is what I do. 🙂

  2. This will be my evening meditation (since it is evening now). What arises at the moment is a feeling of “bleh” from something I ate for lunch, and my reaction is more “bleh” yet it is less “bleh” when I just let it be “bleh.” o_O

    • It is so interesting, Robin, how this meditation can truly relax us. Everything becomes less “bleh”. In fact, it feels like the heart keeps opening, doesn’t it? Nothing excluded or pushed away, even a stomach ache. Especially a stomach ache, poor thing.

    • Perhaps that’s because Simply Here keeps addressing what’s *real* beneath and surrounding and encompassing all our everyday yadda-yadda, Lori. It keeps pointing in that direction of deep peace anyway. Thank you…

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