Glory, glory, hallelujah



In direct experience–right here, right now–the world arises as a seamless whole.  As an undulating river of awareness with no central viewpoint, except the viewpoint which IS it all.

It arises, so holy the knees sometimes want to sink to the ground in hallelujah.

Beneath and surrounding and encompassing the made-up personality and character is THIS sacred unbroken oneness appearing in amazing diversity, which even embraces the imaginary ego as more holiness.

Every single being already experiences this oneness.  It’s not something to attain.  It’s not something which can be realized in the future because it already exists as the very basis of reality.

You might call it awareness.  Or love.  Or God.  Or This.  Or That.

It’s what is arising in this moment.

It can not be conceptualized, although it allows conceptualization without making it into a problem.  It can’t be thought, although it allows a million thoughts to sing, squabble, despair and delight.

When viewpoint isn’t limited to an “I” then a global viewpoint arises, unbidden.  It’s always been present, only clouded by a sense of “me”, obscured perhaps, fragmented into seer and seen.

It’s as if we’ve been trained to look out of our eyes from the perspective of a single person.  It’s as if we’re schooled to see separate objects in relation to an individual perceiver. But what truly exists outside of our training is something utterly connected, totally undivided.

One feels intimacy with that bird, that car, that clock, that homeless person.  A sense of non-separation exists.  One feels pain, but it’s not a knife of suffering.  Life is like a river of awareness passing as Now, Now, Now.

Oneness embraces all diversity, never limiting or dismissing it.

The only thing that can seemingly cloud this awareness is a thought.  And thoughts seem to continue to shield the eyes from the sun until they don’t.  And maybe in the next moment clouds arise again.  It’s only a problem within the illusion.  Only the imagination-created “me” cares.

And now, here it is again, this whole arising, this seamless effortless space where perceiver and perceived cannot be teased apart.

Glory, glory, hallelujah.



6 thoughts on “Glory, glory, hallelujah

  1. Glory, Hallelujah! Overwhelmed with, obliterated by, the magnificence of it/me/you all!!! I’ve experienced that for moments.

    It’s as if we’ve been trained … It’s as if we’re schooled ….. But what truly exists outside of our training is something utterly connected, totally undivided.

    I don’t sense that the separateness-experience arises from training though. More like, the infinite creative force, being infinitely creative, simply is creating these experiences among others. That there is training, is simply that, happening.

    Thank you for another exquisite few moments to share your eyes as you look upon this world, Kathy. You speak of Home, and reek of Home, LOL!!!!!!! May you and yours, be well and happy!

    • Alia, what a lovely name. 🙂 I so agree and like your sentence about the creative force creating the separateness-experience experiences among others. Don’t you get the sense the this creative force delights in the separate experience as well as the oneness? But I get the sense that the separateness is held together by wants/desires/fears. Without this it might be impossible for the creative force to delight in its creations. It feels like the grooves of habit reinforce the ability to maintain the seemingly separate experience. Could be 100% wrong though! It just feels like that sometimes… Thank you for following the flow and sharing your magnificence two cents.

    • Awww, Reggie, thank you. You do know how challenging it is to capture in words because everything you say doesn’t really capture it. How can we even say anything using words when reality is so much bigger than that? I delight when it’s possible to get even a teeny tiny bit close to it. Thank you again!

  2. I keep the most current notifications in my email but there just never seem to be enough hours in a day. One of those who read your blog, made a point of it to me today, so I just had to create the time.

    You share beautifully what is often difficult to find the words for. Thank you for the service of your gift in the effort you make to do the impossible – the results of which are always exquisite.

    Fondly !!

    • Hi, Deb, how nice to hear from you! I totally get it about how a day can get filled up before you do everything you might want to do. Also appreciate your kind words. Sat with this one and attempted to feel it into words yet again. An impossible task, so am smiling that you appreciated it. Blessings to you, my friend.

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