Choiceless choosing



Sometimes when I listen to non-duality teachings I just roll my eyes.

C’mon, really!

The teachings just dance around in a circle, never really saying anything.  More likely the circle simply seems to contradict everything uttered.

Non-duality teachings often confuse, befuddle and stick out their tongue at all of us.

And that’s the point!

What is really can’t be spoken.  It can only be experienced.

Thus, no teachings can be the truth.  Unless they somehow–through fancy speaking–combine seemingly opposite concepts in one sentence or paragraph or book–they’re often simply providing another place for the mind to fixate.  They’re providing something else to believe.

A good teaching must point beyond the conceptual mind while somehow inspiring it to believe that the conditioned reality is not the only reality.  If it’s going to say anything worthwhile it must somehow gesture toward the truth without roping it into yet another story.

Last night Adyashanti spoke of the necessity of making a choice.  This morning Jeff Foster posted a teaching about not making a choice.

The mind might scream at the seeming inconsistency of this, yet it’s so utterly perfect.

In immediate experience the perception exists beyond duality.  When you look without the filters of a story you see choiceless choosing.  That’s the reality.

When I’m befuddled by the latest teaching the only “answer” is to rest in this sacred moment.  Here, now.  Immediate presence encompasses all questions and answers, doesn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Choiceless choosing

  1. I too find non-duality confusing and frustrating, but as you express, if we can hold it with lightness and accept that there are no real answers that words can formulate, only experiences of the truth that is, then we can see the teachings as a tool and a signpost rather than a direct route to the destination. The sacred moment of here and now – indeed the simplest and yet profoundest question/answer all in one…and in my experience the trickiest one to truly ‘get’. Thanks for sharing the wisdom and the confusion! Love and blessings, Harula xxx

  2. ugh i haven’t felt as able to focus as usual-still with the external things
    I am not even keeping up with my daily click through my blogroll. I keep getting surprised at this one. I want to comment and it makes my brain swirl to get it all organized and then I think I will wait until I get straightened out or until I can get something that I think is cohesive to spring forth.

    A part just laughed and said to say, “Yes, No, Yes, No, Oh gosh darn it wait and see!”

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