A little something personal

The “I” keeps wanting to say something.  Raising its hand, begging to speak.

So speak, dear “I”.  What do you want to reveal now?

I feel a need to explain myself to long-time readers.  To tell them what’s happening lately.  To explain why this blog seems to be changing.  Why I’ve turned off the commenting possibility.  Why I’m only rarely commenting on other blogs. Why I’m rarely on Facebook. Why the Kathy you think you might know seems to be changing… How this blog is becoming merely a portal of expression.  How it is being offered in joy more often, without wanting readers–except those with a curiosity or passion or love of non-dual awareness.  How simply writing, without any need for an audience, without any sense of obligation to engage in the blogging community, brings forth a bursting feeling of freedom and love and openness that feels like heaven.

I want to tell my friends:  don’t come here to meet Kathy.  She’s gone.  Or she’s playing hide-n-seek.  She’s not really here.  She’s just channeling the Universe.  She might journal daily here or never again.  Don’t read if you’re looking for her.  Only pause at Simply Here’s doorstep if something valuable resonates.  If you’re frustrated, turn away. This is not for you right now.  Turn away and find what sings you alive.

Find what sings you alive

Find what sings you alive

Yet I’m also still sensing subtle internal contractions around this need to explain myself.  Life wags its fingers toward any bodily pockets of buried tension.   So many offerings contain battle scars & love knit together.  I’m gently watching for scars to bathe with awareness. 

In a strange way, I am daily delighted to discover another psychic wound, another binding limitation, another area to engage with the flashlight of love.  (OK, not always, but more often.)

I read recently that often we awaken only in one or two chakras.  We may blow off the top of our head and realize Oneness.  But if our solar plexus still fills with rigid contractions resulting in compulsions or anxieties or cravings or addictions–well then,sailors, we know where awareness still longs to penetrate, to tilt the rudder. (Perhaps that’s why we read of spiritual teachers sharing deep wisdom who buy 100 Ferrari’s and abuse students.  Perhaps they only realized Oneness in a few chakras, who knows?)

Anything else you want to say, dear “I”?

I love you, Universe.  Something relaxed just being able to share this.

I love you, too, darling “I”.