Your very self

Your very self

The body is a sensing instrument of consciousness.  Without the body and the mind, the trees couldn’t see themselves.  Usually we think we are looking at a tree, but the tree is looking at itself through us.  Without this instrument, the tree doesn’t get to see itself.  We are sensing instruments of the Divine.  –Adyashanti from the book “The Impact of Awakening”

Doesn’t that blow your mind?  The tree is looking at itself through us.

Let’s try to wrap our mind around that.  Better yet, let’s look to what is prior to the next thought as we glimpse the tree through the window. Any separation between us and the tree in Direct Experience? Or is it simply a fluid field of awareness, of consciousness?  Can we find a self when we look honestly, without our habitual conceptualization?  Can we find a tree?  Or can we simply find consciousness rising as apparent leaves, bark, fog, color, shadow?  Even that is saying too much.

Does the tree see itself through us?

Who knows or doesn’t know?

What may be important is the way our mind stops dead and can not figure it out.  In that mind-blowing space, an invitation exists to STOP.  What remains when we stop?