What is truth?

Last night I thought about writing a blog post sharing what Truth might be in these eyes, in this unfolding.

For me, Truth is what is happening now.

It is What Is.

It is not subject to morality, discernment or judgment.

It’s what arises.  It is not an intellectual concept to debate.

Truth is what IS.

For you it might be eating bagels buttered with jam.  It might be drinking a glass of Chardonnay.  It might be laughing with a friend while simultaneously feeling nostalgic.  It might be driving to the North Pole, unable to see the road.  It might be feeling like you’re misunderstood, dying of boredom, frustrated, wanting to punch your partner.


Truth is what is appearing.  Untarnished.  Raw.  Unfiltered.  This, this, this, and now THIS.

It’s a physical feeling, as well as a spiritual knowing.

How to recognize that raw truth and respond from it–rather from the inner thoughts which paint their own picture of how reality should be–is the continual invitation of awareness. It is the place from which response rather than reactivity arises to meet the moment.

Today the Kathy wanted something so much.  She wanted to celebrate her daughter’s birthday in New York City.  That was the wanting, the desiring, the wishing, the impetus.

Truth followed a different agenda.  Truth involves a merging of Life beyond what the Ego wants.  Yet it doesn’t dismiss the ego.  It allows the wanting to arise.

Yet it’s the Truth.

What happened is that Kathy is home in the woods in blowing snow and her daughter is far away.

What I want is the Truth.  What is appearing.  The blowing snow.  The raging wind.  The dashed dreams. The revelation.

Love IS what appears, even though the thoughts so often miss the Present of that realization, the gift of it.

Are we separate from our environment?  Are we separate from what’s appearing?  The Truer Truth is what is arising.  That is what I surrender to.  That is where I bow this head.  What I want is only a small fragment of the jewel.  What appears is the jewel itself.

Shine on, Jewel.  Shine on, even while we humans continue to add our wanting, our vulnerability, our arising.




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