It’s possible

This morning I simply want to say–it’s possible.

It’s possible to find one’s way to feeling home within the body, the alive rippling skin, the spinning planet.

I really don’t have anything to say about non-duality or Oneness or awareness.

Simply that it’s possible to follow the Yellow Brick Road back to ourselves.

Is it a paradise free from pain and fear and despair when one knocks upon the doorway of home, as the mind sometimes dreams?

I wouldn’t say that.  It’s more like the journey home supplies the tools to move toward contractions, toward rampant emotions and untrue thoughts.  It supplies a recognition of encompassing cravings, compulsions, addictions, anger, nervousness, anxiety and frustration.

Does one reach home and finish, never leaving the house to venture forth again?  I think not.  Reaching home perhaps means the small enclosed house disappears, leaving instead the wide world as one’s abode. What in the world would one shut out?  The sun?  The plump moon?  The sideways snow?  The negative rant?  Aren’t they all the Self?

I learn something new each moment.  A new realization, an alternate view, a heart breaking open even wider into love’s eminent domain.

So even as contractions continue to arise–let’s say you find yourself reaching for a cookie when you’re not hungry–and inquiry continues to question with exquisite attention, “Hey, do I really want that cookie?  Is it true?”–beneath and betwixt and between lies this field of exquisite peace.

It truly feels like a peace that passeth all understanding.  It’s the peace which shines as our birthright.  Which is always here, always within/without even as the world continues to birth and dissolve, come together and fall apart.

Peace is what we are, if we want to tell a story that feels like direct experience.  Beneath and surrounding the storyteller sings this.

It’s funny.  The mind can recognize this as truth, but it often seems to take time for the truth to sink into contractions, unconscious patterns, bone and gristle, atom and electron.  It’s one thing for the mind to understand–another thing entirely for the actions to reflect the empty inner mirror with the fullness of response.

The peace in me bows to the peace in you.  Loving this life so much, as the peace gently holds the ten thousand arisings and disappearings.



9 thoughts on “It’s possible

  1. I thought about this and have more to say, however, at this moment I cannot put my thoughts together for all the other projects pulling at me to finish or to help one or the other child with…the church book is finished except for details; the taxes are done but must see CPA; leaving for Boston for 18 days on March 2; going to MS on March 22 to put more of the book together with the researchers; writing a grant with my son….I need the silence of my mind to comprehend the thoughts you have placed before us to chew on before making any more comments.
    You did not need my itinerary! How funny that I thought you did. Nameste’
    Why do we think we have to explain ourselves? We do not.

    • It sounds like you are quite busy. I enjoyed the itinerary, Linda. I also find it fascinating the different reasons why we explain ourselves and why we sometimes don’t. So many different intents could be behind this urge, don’t you think? From a need for approval, a way to alleviate boredom, a spark of creative engagement, an inner desire to put thoughts in order, a reaching out to connect.

      • What a nice feeling to embrace what is, allow it to be, trusting that it meets some need that we have, and that it is perfectly ok to have those…………….thanks Kathy, for sharing that!

  2. Deeply touched, the mind hopping like a butterfly, resting a moment here and a moment there….purpleborough’s observation about a need to explain is very familiar to me. Lately I noticed how I engage in a call with a friend, and have this urge to update them in this story that story, typically events and experiences that ruffled my feathers ;-)………………..whether we do or do not have to explain ourselves, I don’t know, as apparently both you and I have at least on some occasions experienced such a need :-). …………………………So rich to inquire and explore what is alive in us in those moments?

    • Oh yes, Peter, I so agree! I like how you put it “So rich to inquire and explore what is alive in us in those moments”. So much richness! I just commented to purpleborough (up above) about the different intents which exist behind our need to explain ourselves. It’s been a life-long lesson to recognize the times when I’m explaining when it’ s not really necessary or helpful–or when the explaining is a way of reaching out, expressing creatively, establishing connection. It seems that intent garners so much insight. Thank you for sharing of yourself here.

  3. @Peter and Kathy,
    I wonder why I explain, in detail, my life and other times I veil my feelings behind simply nothing’s called Grown Up. Sometimes I do not have time, in my opinion, that I have a working brain to analyze what I might want to say, remaining in a brain fog rather than taking the time to meditate and put words to what I think.

    I also think it is my way of connecting. You are far away and will not invade my space unless I open an electronic device. I call my WP friends my real friends. The ones here are…well I do not know what I would call them…people I share space with in a city I seem to want to leave.

    Well enough thoughts…brain fog is much easier!

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