Who would have thought?



Since I’ve made the decision to close my “primary” blog for now, some folks have wondered if this little spiritual blog might too disappear.

The answer is:  “I don’t know.”

It might.

It might not.

What is happening these days is a deeper surrender into what arises beneath the level of thought.  What emerges beyond ego’s wanting and not-wanting.

Such blossoming arises each day.

Sometimes petals fall away.

Sometimes joy arises.  Pain arises.  Insights arise.

Every day is an adventure, let me tell you. In surrendering to “what is” gifts appear daily.

It is so hard to write what is happening now.  Words don’t explain anything.  They circle among themselves and remain silent, canceling themselves out.  Yet, it’s good.  It’s so good–even the pain, even everything which the ego despairs–becomes more and more welcome.  More and more accepted.

I celebrate Life truly, maybe for the first time ever.  (Except, Life always celebrated itself in EVERYTHING, in everyone and everything, even this spider which now crawls up the file cabinet.  Even in what has been disliked.)

Infinite possibilities exist.


And that’s what you are.  What I am.  What is.

And the answer still shines:  “I don’t know.”

Yet somewhere along the forest path “don’t knowing” became more joy than fear.  More allowing than the endless attempts to know, to feel secure.

I want to shout it from the depths:  Follow your heart to your deepest desire!  But you shall anyway.  So I simply delight in your spirit, you Being, you amazing star, you dawning sun.  You are my own precious self.  Who would have thought?


8 thoughts on “Who would have thought?

  1. I don’t know either. Its also a joy sometimes this “don’t knowing”. I don’t know.
    Life is celebrating itself and its so amazing. Thank you Kathy. You always write what I feel but cannot express.

    • Dana, learning how to live and operate from that uncertainty can be challenging, can’t it? But the magic is worth it. So very worth it. Nice to see you! (I have been reading your blog on and off, but usually haven’t been commenting. More “mums the word” these days than vocalizing.) Hope you are well. You sound like you’re doing good.

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