No spiritual inquiry required

Eye in the sky

Eye in the sky

Yesterday I wrote about the value of spiritual inquiry.  How it’s possible to realize layers of truth.  What was true for us yesterday may not be true today.  When our body contracts it’s often signalling that we’re perhaps following an old truth. The fresh truth waits for us to greet it.

Inquiry helps us explore our conditioning.  It can assist us in seeing more clearly.  It can be helpful at different junctures, assisting us in removing our blinders of limited perception.

On the other hand, inquiry can be conceptualized into a technique which keeps us more identified as a separate self.  I have seen this in my own inquiry.  It can create an effect that the questioning person is actually separate from the whole of flowing life.  It can attempt to cement a belief that “this is my life” or “I am trying to fix my life” or “I need to get rid of my conditioning” or “I need to understand” or “If I just get rid of what I don’t like about myself or others, I will be Okey-Dokey.”

What seems clear–in this moment–is that sometimes Life wants to inquire and sometimes Life has no desire to inquire. Sometimes the Universe wants to explore our conditioning as a separate self, and other times it’s just gobbledygook. Sometimes no intellectual understanding is required.  Sometimes it’s not even helpful.

In another instance, there may be resistance to inquiry.  Sometimes that resistance signals the need for inquiry–what is being resisted and why?  In another instant, no resistance surfaces.  This can be a very subtle art, listening to the winds of the Universe, can’t it?

Sometimes a negative expression comes out from another person.  It’s no big deal.  Ahhh, Life is expressing this negativity through this apparently separate individual.  No contraction from a sense of self that doesn’t want to contract.  The practice of inquiry, as a religion or inclination, does not arise.  It’s simply what it is.  No need to make it into a six-hour search to discover the roots of truth and honesty.  Next moment, please.

It is fascinating to watch this.  If we’re attached to either inquiry or not-inquiry, we may suffer.  If we allow Life to inquire or not-inquire, it’s just endless flow.  One minute we’re exploring depths of what’s true–in this moment.  The next moment we can’t even find the energy to even try.  It doesn’t even make sense.

The Universe doesn’t have anything against the separate self, against conditioning.  It IS expressing itself infinitely in a trillion forms.  It embraces itself unconditionally.

(You can inquire about that or drop it like a hot potato.  Life will do what it wants anyway.  It will say, “This is wrong!” or “This is right!” and wink at itself as it passes by.  A new truth presents itself, or it doesn’t.)


6 thoughts on “No spiritual inquiry required

  1. Kathy,

    You said “…inquiry … can create an effect that the questioning person is actually separate from the whole of flowing life.”

    I do agree that “Sometimes no intellectual understanding is required. Sometimes it’s not even helpful.”

    Isn’t it marvelous when it can simply be that ? – “It’s simply what it is. No need to make it into a six-hour search to discover the roots of truth and honesty. Next moment, please.”

    Flowing like the streams around here with no resistance to what is each moment . . .

  2. As “someone” who has spent most of her life inquiring about why “I” am like this… thank you for the reminders above to let it go sometimes… I have a sliver of driftwood hanging above my kitchen sink (where “I” spend an awful lot of “time”) that has burned into into it the silhouettes of a couple of gulls flying and the words, “It is what it is.”

    • Isn’t it fascinating, Barbara, how easy it is to make something as simple as inquiry into almost a compulsion or addiction? Like our minds see that it has helped us at different times, and then decides that is what we “should” do. I have actually not been inquiring for days now and feel so relaxed. And then, unexpectedly, inquiry may arise again and that shall happen, too. So nice to hear from you!

  3. I see it that Energy expresses Itself through us (through everything, but for now, we are discussing people). This Energy also experiences through us, so as the One, it will experience the “like” and the “dislike.” The “inquiring”, for me, on some occasions has been to “fix” things, but ultimately, that inquiry brought me to discover Oneness. So, the more we peel away the onion layers (inquire), we will eventually find the core, our Oneness. At least that is how it worked for me. Sometimes those layers re-grow and need to be peeled away again. To me, it’s the One going through more expression and experience.

    • Lori, I enjoyed reading your wisdom here. It is like peeling away the layers on the onion, isn’t it? Hadn’t thought of it that way in some time. So agree with you about the need to peel away more than once. It’s as if we perhaps don’t see the complete truth in one peeling. So we (or the Universe) are compelled to do it again and again until the truth saturates our understanding.

      Some people speak of awakening as if it’s an endpoint. I have never resonated with the word “awakening” very much (could be a future blog). But it does seem to be an openness to constant revelation. Or continual flow… Nice to see you!

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