Whose shoes?

Whose shoes?

I never feel like I’m blogging here at Simply Here.  This is simply sharing.  There is no sense of obligation, no sense of social networking, no sense of having to reciprocate.

It’s more like writing in a journal.  Here is what’s arising now.  No need to take photographs.  No need to write daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.  It’s free space.  No need to fuss about who’s reading, statistics, comments.  No need to attract an audience.

This is between me and the Universe, no separation.  Whoever pauses to read is here–not because of a person–but because she or he senses infinite possibilities of realization beyond the personal.

If someone asks “Are you blogging?” the first thought that arises is, “No.”   It’s only later that it occurs some people might think this is blogging.  Talk about paradox.


4 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. As long as Kathy’s thoughts are converted into words, written and published so that it reaches from America to India, I’m happy, because I love to learn. 😉

  2. Resonating, inquiring within: what is resonating? who is resonating? ………..when the inner voice speaks, is it the Self, the I am, or is it the person, the mind? – Finding it is mostly the latter, fascinating to observe what the driving forces are to write on a blog, even if in this case, it is simply leaving a reply to Kathy’s writing. This particular post prompts me to stop long enough and contemplate what it is like to widen the gap between the words, and feel into that space, that is void of motif and intention.

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