Knowing ‘nuthing

Sometimes I simply do not know anything.

Nada.  Zip.

Something or nothing?

Something or nothing?

This may be a very good thing.

How ’bout you?

This can be the most discouraging thing in the Universe.

Or, just perhaps, it’s what you’ve always secretly wanted.

12 thoughts on “Knowing ‘nuthing

  1. Hm……………..There have been moments recently, where it felt attractive to “un-learn”, i.e. to sort-of-abandon that incessant stream of thought that is typically active within. Referring to that voice, that seems to comment on just about anything, connecting dots and coming up with all sorts of fictitious conclusions, interpretations and perceptions, that the egoic self gobbles up as truth or reality.

    So, with that said, knowing nothing implies a freshness, a tabula rasa, a blank slate that allows a more direct experience of what is happening at that moment. So yes, I fancy to know nothing, in the sense of getting rid of the burden of the illusion of knowing.

    Of course this also brings up the notion of what “knowing” is in the content discussed here: Often knowing implies the meaning of remembering, implying that what was happening previously will happen again, hence there is a knowing.

    Not knowing seen as the liberation from speculating, comparing to past experience, distorting, deleting and generalizing……………..opening doors to a fresh, unencumbered experience of the present moment, as it breathes and lives :-)………………………

  2. Something like what Peter has written ! Letting go of all thought to contain a space of peacefulness, clearing a space for the presence of the Divine Universe to direct, allowing intuition to inform, based on unknowing, knowing nuthin !

    Love You,

  3. Not knowing can be extremely difficult, but I find, particularly in hindsight, how urgently this is needed to keep us from becoming stuck in our misperceptions… The paper thin barrier between falsehood and truth is the unknown… 🙂


  4. The truth is you have spoken the truth. We really don’t know anything at all and it is a gift to give up the pretense of knowing and just be with what is as it is even if we don’t know what that is.

    • Yes, Barbara. Words of wisdom. And the other odd part of this is that we can “not know” and then find ourselves sharing as if we do. Letting the Universe speak through us. So many spiritual teachers seem to do this. The ones I admire speak more from experience than philosophy…

  5. This was a big relief to me. I spent my life feverishly trying to figure everything out and develop a framework for understanding reality.

    To discover that there is no answer to find was a relief. To discover that there is no logic, was the first time my mind resonated. And to discover that these states of magnetic self righteousness wee just illusion felt so freeing

    • And did this realization “stick” for you, Summer, or does it still come and go? When the illusions dissolve it can feel so freeing indeed. Thank you for sharing this here.

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