The trouble with non-existence

What nothing reveals

What nothing reveals

Here’s the trouble.

You talk to people about non-existence and–darn them!–

they have nothing to say.

What’s there to say about nothingness? the mind thinks

how boring, how mundane, let’s turn the page, keep moving, pour the

next cup of coffee, spill the beans somewhere else.

You want to shout:  But, no!  Don’t turn away, don’t leave, don’t allow

that shackle of mind to ditch emptiness, to turn it into something unappealing, yesterday’s ho-hum, what’s interesting here anyway?

I want to shout:  but nothingness is everything!  It’s everything we’re dreaming about as we buy, buy, buy

as we seek entertainment, fun, happiness!  As we seek and peek

for Santa’s next gift it’s been here all along, all year long, in eternity.

What’s nothingness?

It’s peace so peaceful you relax into holy communion.

It’s love so compassionate your heart accepts everything, even the


It’s song so clear, so pure, so full!

It’s embrace of your dearest beloved, your bitter enemy.

It’s allowing every quibble, lonely tear, angry fist without

condemning quibble, tear, fist.

It’s joy so sweet the sense of you shatters into a million hugs.


Yet, I’m not telling the truth.  Toss this poem into a muddy ditch!

Nothing can describe the nothingness our mind imagines.

Anything uttered is not that, not that, not that.

Don’t be intimidated by a thought that says the lake is too unfathomable, too deep.

Jump in!

Only if we want to get wet, to realize we and the water are the very same amazing nothing

we’ve been running from in so many stories we tell about only

fleeting sparkles of something.


8 thoughts on “The trouble with non-existence

  1. This is a beautiful post! I like how you’ve made nothing into something…but nothing into nothing. I’m so glad I found your blog. -TKB

  2. So, you want me to say something about non-existence ?

    Is there some desire in you to engage ?

    I can do that, if that is your desire . . . really ? can I believe it is ?


    It’s embrace of your dearest beloved, your bitter enemy.

    It’s allowing every quibble, lonely tear, angry fist without

    condemning quibble, tear, fist.

    And not anything that can be uttered.

    So that is why there is nothing to say, of course.

    Even so, you seemed to want words, so there you go.

    Wishing you merry & bright in sadness and the dark night.

    • I love that there’s nothing to say–and nobody to say it–and yet it arises so full of everything. No desire to engage, yet a desire to engage by whom? And who responds or doesn’t respond? Endless possibilities where the mind perhaps pauses between beliefs and simply Is.

  3. I always wonder when you communicate on this. I say….whyyyyyy are you so fixated on this. And then I read a bunch of times trying to see it. To watch you ponder.

    For me:
    I say that nothing IS something. And it’s a definite–for me, goal, place I can decide to get to. Meaning that it IS a something that I define. Which cannot and will not be the same nothing as ‘yours’ or ‘yours’ or even ‘yours’.
    To want nothingness is a DESIRE for a thing (or not a thing) to be other than what it is.

    Which, makes me laugh.
    I like considering and I like laughing, particularly to myself.

    I do know that if I am focusing on being nothing
    than I am escaping something else I do not want to be
    I am missing the present

    a phrase popped into my head
    chop wood and carry water–present.

    Each thing exists as it is, it also holds all the ideas that each ponderer considers it to be and for the ponderer that IS what that thing IS , until said ponderer can see it in a different way, to be open to other things. For ME that is the Joy of having life and a manner of perception or thought or whatever other label you want to call it.


    If I try to follow you into what I believe is delusion territory, that nothing is real, we are all energy in a box…like that movie , the fact that each bunch of energy has an experience at all is existence. An expression of existence I mean.

    Giggling I would also assert that If I were the creator and nothing was real I would make trees have purple leaves and so on and so forth. I have tried to control such things and nope, that doesn’t work. There is some thing Greater than me. Darn it all!

    • I agree with you–to want nothing is a desire for something to be other than it is! Why would anyone want that? I am only expressing what feels like the experience of nothing–which is also the experience of something. I am trying to express the place where nothing AND something exist simultaneously. The feel of it, which feels so exquisite and alive with something-ness which can’t really be described because I fall into a mental-believing trap again.

      If nothingness doesn’t speak to you–if it feels like it leads into delusion territory of movie-like energy and being the creator–then don’t waste a single minute trying to figure out where I’m coming from.

      I am expressing what’s real and alive and nothing and something coming from this viewpoint!

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