Does it matter if anyone shares your spiritual perspective?

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Does it matter if your best friend understands or cares about your spiritual viewpoint (or lack thereof?)  Does it matter one iota if your husband or wife understands he/she is not a separate self?  Do you ever need to convince a single other person about the validity of your worldview (or non-existence thereof?)

I don’t know about you, but most of my friends do not care at ALL about non-duality or non-separation or Oneness or whatever.  Some of them seem politely interested.  Some of them are even intrigued.  But on a fierce and passionate search to discover THE TRUTH?  I think not.  Believing it’s even possible? Wanting to think about it or live it 24/7?  Nahhh.

And how many people have you met who have sought and sought and sought and sought and sought until giving up in exhaustion before realizing THE TRUTHLESS TRUTH which existed all along?  Have you met one person?  Six?  A baker’s dozen?

More importantly, does it matter?

My husband has five percent interest in discussing spirituality.  A very few friends exist with a moment-to-moment understanding of flowing as the river of life.  A handful of friends like to ponder spirituality, what makes the personal self tick, the meaning of the Universe.

And isn’t it all fun to ponder this and that?  To dissect the motives and actions and thoughts and intentions of the separate self?  It can be a blast doing that for most of this lifetime.  There’s always the possibility that we’ll figure ourselves out and finally be happy and content and peaceful and satisfied, right?

Or one can simply jump off the wheel of self altogether, the mandala of spirituality or philosophy or psychology.  What’s left after the jump?  Anything one can discuss with another living soul as you free-fall without a net?

Years ago I talked about spirituality with every Tammy, Dianne and Harriet. Every Tom, Dick and Harry.  You want to talk about Native American spirituality?  Kundalini energy?  Buddhist meditation?  C’mon, friend, let’s GO!

(This blog is really the only quiet corner of Universe where these typing fingers decide to share about “spirituality” any more…although the word spirituality does not begin to describe what *simply is*.)  And perhaps they only type because someone may be suffering, may feel a passionate desire to KNOW THE TRUTH, thereby starting the endless seeking…which eventually may lead to giving up…catapulting one into the endless now…which has always existed as the only truth, always available, always present, always whole.

But does it matter if your significant other or best friend cares about non-duality?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  (Excuse that dualistic pronouncement, but does it really matter one iota?)

Everyone believes what they believes, inspired by what inspires.  I used to think it was important to be surrounded by friends with similar interests and spiritual inclinations.  But isn’t life more exciting with simply everyone and everything appearing with their own seemingly separate views and likes and dislikes?

Everyone is the Absolute appearing as a temporary separate self, an illusion, a trick of Maya with her twinkling wink.

Everyone reflecting a different diamond reflection of the whole.  You, and you, and you, spinning into existence and out again.




10 thoughts on “Does it matter if anyone shares your spiritual perspective?

  1. Truly the path! Once I thought I had to find all those people who understood and wished to be in a gathering together and it is really nice when it does happen. Yet through the evolution or unfolding of self with spirit I realized none of that is important. What is important or not, is that we ourselves know on some level who and what we are. We have found forgiveness and let go of expectations while learning to accept people where there are.

  2. exactly. ..this space has drawn me simply because those connecting here are kindred spiritual soul and truth seekers at the same energetic frequency. …much love, peace and gratitude ~Namaste

  3. Well, your husband’s 5% beats my husband’s 0% or even negative percent (if such exists, he’d be there !!)

    After going to my first and only spirituality conference in Chicago in June 2009 which I will admit left me on an energy high – my husband asked me to “give up” spirituality !! I was like “Huh ?, not possible”. Not that he understands what that word actually means to me – no he doesn’t. Yes, on one or two occasions in almost 30 years of marriage I’ve tried to explain using the inadequacy of words..

    Our agreement is “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. LOL

    And honestly, my own days of “seeking” have been “over” for several years now. Life is what spirituality is to me. And seeing the “big picture” patterns in it all and loving that I can “see” that when so many seemed to be mired up so close to a moment that isn’t really beneficial (“What an awful drought !! Oh no, it will never end !! We will run out of water !!” And then, several years later there are floods and that is the “concern” of the moment and the drought part is totally forgotten !!).

    I am totally in that moment-to-moment flowing as the river of life thingy in a form that can walk around and talk and do stuff. Pondering not too much about much of anything anymore.

    Contented to me means being able to cope easily enough with whatever, even if it isn’t pleasant.

    And I would agree that for my own self, “simply is” is much more than the word “spirituality” could encompass. For me, spirituality is a dimensional experience – like physical and mental and emotional. Just another layer of “awareness” that goes a bit beyond the ordinary norms of most of the people I encounter on a day to day basis out there in the local community. In simpler words ? Wholeness (which includes potential, possibility, gone, coming, non-visible, etc – that’s the Taoist in me, I suppose, and I’m not really one of those but the ancient perspectives seem to resonant on some level).

    We watched the movie Bridge of Spies last night. I truly appreciated it. Today I am left with the marvelous unflappable response of that Russian spy Mr Able – “Would it make any difference?” He would say that when his lawyer wondered why he didn’t get worried, upset or anxious.

    I do love people – all people – even the most disagreeable kinds – even if I’d rather not suffer being “present” with them. But the love I feel for all expressions of diversity never wanes.

    Happy to be reading your flowing (or it is floating ?) thoughts through those fingers of yours (and not YOU actually !!) again.

  4. When I first started my spiritual journey, I longed for people of like mind to talk to about it. Since no one in my life was interested, I joined message groups online for a while. Once I settled into my own sense of knowing, it didn’t seem to matter anymore, to have others of like mind in my life. But, every once in a while, it feels a bit lonely. It’s always good to have places like your blog Simply Here to come to when I miss those who understand where I’m coming from.

    • Lori, what a good point you make. And there does seem to be times for sharing and wanting to share–and other times when it’s not so important. There have been times when I’ve felt desperate to connect. And lately–not so much. I often think of your spiritual experience as a teenager and how it must have shaped your life. Hope you are feeling better now.

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