Who thinks?


A thought arises–any thought–and the perspective of an individual self nods and thinks, “That thought is mine.”

Obviously, the seemingly-separate individual self thinks the thought appeared in the brain attached to the neck attached to my two waggling arms and these sturdy long legs. The person has been conditioned since wee babyhood to equate thoughts to a personal self.

To our seemingly-separate self the idea that thoughts are “common domain” of the flow of life seems bizarre, unreal, absolutely untrue.  To even contemplate that thoughts are not attached to the body/mind reeks of heresy!  No, no, no, my individual separate self proclaims–my thoughts are obviously mine because…well, because my friend Susan isn’t thinking the same thing.  She’s obviously got her thoughts and I’ve got mine.  End of story.

One vase, two profiles?


When and if the perspective of a separate self falls away, for a moment, hour, day or lifetime, a different perspective appears.  In this viewpoint exists only Flow, or Source, or Oneness, or God, or Life, or All, or Whatever-the-heck-you-call-it-because-it-doesn’t-have-a-name-and-can’t-be-defined-by-words.

When everything reveals itself to be One, who’s thinking?  Where do thoughts come from?  Suddenly it’s crystal clear that thoughts are the domain of the One.  Thoughts arise from the field.  Thoughts are common property, somehow channeled into this constantly-changing moment.

A thought now arises and one realizes it’s not personal.  It’s part of the flotsam and jetsam of the brain, the field, the One.  It’s not seen as particularly “true”.  It could be utilized by the flow in the next moment, or it could be discarded.

A thought appears:  I want to read this blog.  Did you think it? Or did it just appear in consciousness, in flow?  The “I” rushes in to claim it so often.  It says–I thought, I decided, I read.  But what if it’s just consciousness that decided?  The flow moved toward the blog.  You’re here reading because that’s where the the river flowed around the bend and paused here just for an instant…

Doesn’t it become harder to judge one’s neighbor with this realization?  Doesn’t it become almost impossible?



5 thoughts on “Who thinks?

  1. I have believed for some time now that “thoughts” are of the common domain, the flow like fluffy white clouds in a clear blue sky (how I learned to finally understand meditation in a way that “worked” for this self thanks to writings by Elizabeth Lesser in her Seeker’s Guide).

    So, I have believed that sharing whatever thoughts (while certainly giving due credit) is just fine because they all belong as one in the field you mention. It is only that a particular brain managed to grab ahold of them long enough to write them down.

    Certainly, there are those who would not agree with me. Certainly, a writer does deserve to be compensated for that work of writing it down and managing the miracle of getting it disseminated. Still . . . I can’t shake the belief that whatever can be thought is never “new” or “unique”. There is nothing “new” that can be known that isn’t already known by “that” you describe.

    Happy Saturday, Kathy !!

    • Good morning, Deb, thanks for pausing and commenting. I was beginning to think that no one wanted to think about Who Thinks? lol! One of the things I liked about Elizabeth Gilbert’s book was her view about ideas & stories floating out in the field waiting for the dedicated writer to share them. That is a great concept, and one I’m continuing to grok at a deeper level.

      As for those who don’t agree (and that might be a lot of the beings on the planet, right?) I think that in the relative world as long as it includes compensation in exchange for buying food, it’s probably OK to claim profit for words. After all, the writer did spent hours, days or years transcribing the Flow.

      On Facebook I loved that you wrote about Big Magic: I loved thoughts of courting inspiration and a reminder not to hold creativity hostage to a desire to be financially supported.
      It was good to hear that you read the book and enjoyed parts of it. Me too!
      The weird part is always that the books mostly fly out of my head after a week or two and it’s impossible to summarize what they were even about. So hopefully some of the magic will remain at the cellular level and be called up if needed. Happy Sunday to you and I appreciate you stopped to share!

  2. “But what if it’s just consciousness that decided? The flow moved toward the blog. You’re here reading because that’s where the the river flowed around the bend and paused here just for an instant…”

    Such a fascinating thought, being part of the flow. I read Big Magic (which I noted you noted in your response to a comment), and loved Gilbert’s thoughts on how creativity floats around, looking for the right home. It’s stayed with me since I read the book, and whenever a creative idea comes around, I wonder if this is my day to be its home or if I’m going to let it float off to someone else. What makes me smile about that is knowing it will find a home if I’m not the right one. 🙂

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