Just this.

Just this.

Simply Here is a blog about awareness, spirituality, presence, oneness, realizing our most intimate essence.

Because our truest self can not be conceptualized, everything you read here remains a fairy tale.

We can read stories on many levels.  For entertainment, understanding, metaphor, knowledge.

One way to read stories is to allow the solar plexus to allow thoughts to arise, almost like watching trees and buildings appear along a highway.  To abandon the natural attempt to figure out non-duality tales, which often simply spins the mind in exhausting circles.

We can allow a story to sink deeper in awareness.  We can allow a story to cook, like a simmering fragrant stew filled with carrots, onions and hearty broth.

We might pause between the sentences, the paragraphs.  Perhaps we’ll notice the silence and space which contains the words.

It’s possible to welcome the story without judgment, without making it conform to known truth.  It’s even possible to allow it to exist without believing it.

Sometimes we can allow it all to arise, even the parts we want to reject.  (And we can even allow the part that wants to reject and protect, bless its dear heart.)

Simply Here is about allowing it all to arise in awareness.  Everything.  Whether we like, hate, prefer, don’t prefer, want to embrace, want to disregard.  It’s about allowing action to arise effortlessly, trusting deeply in our intimate awareness, that which encompasses every story we’ve ever told or heard or believed.

What exists always, evermore, before the story birthed?  What exists always, evermore, after the last chapter ends?

That’s what we might discover we are–always have been.

Simply Here.

(Full disclosure from the storyteller.  I am not fully awake or enlightened–whatever that may mean.  I am simply an ordinary person who sometimes realizes she’s awareness without any boundaries or separation and sometimes gets caught in identification with the novella of self.  What is amazing, though, is a deep bodily knowing that it’s possible to be awake–that’s it’s possible to relax contractions and feel abounding peace, even in the midst of any arising pain or challenge…  Often I want to sing to the sky in joy–thank you, thank you!  Maybe that’s what this blog is about.  Delighted songs of gratitude.)


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