Universe dancing

Sept 5(2)

Waves and rocks dancing

Almost every day I cock my head and listen.  Does the Universe want to say anything through Kathy in the blogging world?  Does it have anything to say?

It’s odd when one begins operating through a sense of listening to Universal direction, rather than relying on thoughts and desires to compass one in the next unfolding moment. It’s a different orientation, a different motivation.

You never know what’s going to happen next.

Sometimes you find yourself habitually listening to commanding thoughts again, but it seems to actually hurt.  So you stop in this fresh new moment and simply notice.  Ah ha, THIS is what I am.

I can remember getting annoyed with friends who behaved in ways that irritated me.  There was a definite belief that there was a separate “me” and separate “other”.  That the person was separately independently making decisions that seemed wrong or unjust.  Now it often usually appears as a dance with no unique separate self at the helm deciding definitely to do this next.  Instead it’s a seamless interconnected Universe simply dancing.

Shimmer, shimmer, wave, rock.

You never know what’s going to happen next, and that seems to transition from fear to fullness as the ego relaxes its fierce grip.  What relief!  We don’t have to know.  And so we listen for the symphony’s next movement…and the dance continues…



Beyond labels

Want to see fireworks?

Just mention the word “Jesus” to some people.  You can watch them cringe, protest, sigh, fuss inside, turn you off, turn the other way, numb out, freak out, hum, ignite, turn away.

Don’t mention the word “Jesus” to other people.  You will see them scowl, fuss, freak, judge, sniff, snort, turn you off, label you, serve you for breakfast, put you in a box.

Who says words aren’t powerful?  The most powerful creatures in the Universe disguised in ABC’s?

Jesus pointed beyond ABC’s.  Beyond words.  Beyond labels, judgments, fusses.  Beyond himself.  Always beyond himself. 

People like labels.  They make us feel more secure.  We can label ourselves and others:  Christians, New Agers, Muslims, Buddhists, Native Americans, atheists, hippies, crazy folks, weird, schizophrenic, gay, educated, uneducated, rich, poor, six billion other labels, other boxes, other drawers, other containers that cut us off from one another, separate us, cut us up with scissors, throw us away.

What if we had no labels?  What if we refused to wear them and pin them on our neighbors and friends?  What if we refused to believe a Mind which is discerning who is a threat and who is safe? 

What if we could banter the name of Jesus as casually as our friend down the road?  What if we could call our friend down the street with so much sacred divinity that Light sizzled out her pores and hair and twinkling eyes?  What if that hummingbird is divine?  What if that raccoon’s name is Buddha?  What if that bat flapping its wings in the dark-night is you in disguise, a shadow on the moon?  What if Jesus lurks in the horny toad in the vernal pool?

What if we’re all so sacred that words can no longer hurt us, pull us from the bone, sever us from our hearts?  What if words become empty boxes and we fall in love with the nothingness in the boxes?  What if our joy bursts beyond labels, beyond judgments, beyond Jesus, beyond horny toad, beyond Earth, beyond dreams?

Perhaps we’ll sit cross-legged on the earth, smiling at the fireworks and roasting marshmallows over the crackling fire.